The other day when I was trying to deploy my logic apps to a new environment, I got the below error

VERBOSE: Performing the operation “Creating Deployment” on target “CCI_D365_Integration”.
13:57:30 – New-AzureRmResourceGroupDeployment : Multiple error occurred:
13:57:30 – Forbidden,Forbidden,Forbidden,Forbidden,Forbidden,Forbidden,Forbidden. Please see details.

Although the error suggest to see details, there ain’t nothing to see 🙂

I tried to deploy the same logic app with a different parameters file (for a different environment) and that worked. So that gave me a clue that there is something wrong with the parameters file. Few more minutes later, I figured out that, I forgot to enable “Azure Resource Manager for template deployment” checkbox within KeyVault ( I use key vaults to store all the sensitive information like username and password). As Logic apps deployment process tries to connect to the key vault, it got a forbidden error, as it doesn’t have access to the vault.

The error message form the deployment template could’ve been a tad easy.

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