After 3 months of preparation, I passed my certification today. Hurray!. The test was indeed very tough. BizTalk used to be my core domain and I did do the BizTalk certification. But doing this certification was lot different as the breath of coverage was unbelievable. As a developer, I think most people would not be that lucky to get professional experience in each and every topic on the certification. If you are an integration developer (like me), I think we will end up mostly doing Logic apps, APIM, Event grids, Event hub, Storage accounts. The rest you have do it on your free time. I downloaded the exam outline from the MS website and it felt a bit overwhelming at first. In fact, I event thought, if it was worth doing this certification. I have been working on Azure integration projects as a developer for the past 3 years and have done 2 successful implementations. So, spending lot of time learning on something that we might never use in our projects really felt awkward. But, if you want to be a true Azure developer, you need to be aware of all the available services that Microsoft provides to design a solution that is best for the client. We will keep doing what we know for the rest of our lives until we learn a range of new and latest stuff.

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