When integrating journals from source system into D365, sales tax is very integral part of the integration.

You can indicate whether the amounts that are entered in journals include sales tax.

You can specify this setting in the following forms:

  • General ledger parameters form – Select or clear the Amounts include sales tax check box. This becomes the default setting for all journals, unless the setting is specified for a specific journal or journal name.
  • Journal names form – Select or clear the Amounts include sales tax check box to override the default setting in the General ledger parameters form for lines in journals that use this journal name.

However, if you have a requirement, where this flag needs to be overridden from the middleware (Logic Apps), then there is a easy solution for this.

On the LedgerJournalHeaders entity, there is a field “LedgerJournalInclTax”. This can be set to True/False depending upon your requirement.

As you can see from the above picture, you can control the way sales tax is applied for the journal.

Hope this is useful for someone.

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