Using Recurring Integration you can setup integrations between your middleware and D365. This mode of integration is quite useful when you want to integrate massive data from source system for e.g. Journals into D365.

The below is a high level picture that shows how integration is set up.

The Microsoft documentation provides all other information on how to set this up. However, the information that is provided to retrieve the error details(when the job fails) is wrong.

Microsoft has provided the below information to retrieve the error details. But this is wrong and will not work or at least not return the error details.

The correct API to use is below

https://[D65FO base URL]/api/connector/jobstatus/%7B<ActivityID>%7D?JobId={Job Id generated}

Example /api/connector/jobstatus/%7B2D67DF0E-763D-4113-B012-D8760FC824B0%7D?JobId={64AC714D-80AE-4521-BF1A-3CD9707746B0}

So, if a job had failed and you see the error details in the UI, you can use the above URL, to get the same error details.

Hope this helps someone.

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